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Fittings Are Used in PEX Plumbing Systems

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Stainless fittings are used to connect the flexible polyethylene pipes used in PEX water plumbing systems. Flexible PEX tubes are a low cost, problem free alternative to metal or plastic systems. You can avoid the problems of corrosion and scaling when you use a PEX system. Altogether PEX water plumbing systems are a vast improvement over older systems that use copper or rigid plastic pipes.

The flexible sanitary pipe fittings are not made brittle by low temperatures. Polyethylene tubes are cheaper than metal pipes and are easier to install because they do not use as many fittings as metal or rigid plastic systems. Since soldering is not used with PEX systems there are no nasty fumes or the risks associated with using a torch.

stainless steel elbow is wrapped in spools. Because spools weigh less than cut metal or plastic pipes, they are easier to store and cost less to ship. Tubing can be unrolled from the spools with no need for coupling fittings. Installation is much quicker and cheaper when it does not involve the running of pipe.

Connecting the tubes is done by inserting a stainless fittings into or over the tube and then crimping a ring placed over the stainless steel tee or stainless fittings. There are a few different connection methods. Some use copper crimp rings and others use crimp rings made of plastic. One system uses a stainless steel clamp. Most fittings are brass although some are made of other metals or plastic. Because PEX tubing is flexible and can be turned to a 90 degree angle elbow joints are not needed.

stainless steel elbow are cut using a special PEX pipe cutter and come in different sizes to accommodate 1/2" or 3/4" tubes. A main crimping tool is used to pinch the rings over the pipe or fitting. There is a de-crimping tool that is used to remove crimped rings. There are some specialized tools used for the stainless steel clamps and proprietary connection methods.

The most common material used to make stainless fittings is brass. However, you can find stainless fittings made from other metals and even plastic. stainless fittings have ridges that when crimped make a high-pressure seal.

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