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Features of Stainless steel stone

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Reducing four-way stainless steel connection:
Socket welding, butt welding, compression connections and flange connections.
Price: electricity Yee, online quote, Negotiable, etc.
Packing: wooden packaging film or other shock
Product Process: feed - physics and chemistry - cutting - Forging Stamping - heat treatment - test - finishing - the finished product inspection - identified - packaging type - shipping
Quality control: in line with export and national implementation of the compression-type fittings product standards
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Characteristics of stainless steel four-way
Features stainless fittings:
Innovation: the use of tube metal forming processes, material density;
Security: robust and scalable to a good, safe and reliable pipe connection, allowing users to have more confidence;
Health of: to prevent the secondary pollution of the pipeline, 100% recycled, environmentally friendly and good;
Economy: long life, low life cycle costs, socket welding and building connections with life;
Energy efficiency: wall smooth, friction is small, other than the same diameter pipe flow, good insulation properties;
Corrosion resistance: resistance to 200mg / L chloride media (304);
Impact resistance: 2 times the tensile strength of steel pipe, copper tube 3 times.
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