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How To Fixed The Stainless Fittings

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The reason why fixed the stainless fittings is because of the fixed floor heating is an important part of the construction, the fixed sanitary pipe fittings effects directly affect the quality of engineering and construction efficiency; if inappropriate fixation is likely to give way to stay warm project hidden.
A small number of units that the steel mesh construction and nylon cable ties fixed to the ground heating sanitary pipe fittings can increase load-bearing capacity, which is unscientific. First of all, for the floor heating construction of the steel wire diameter generally is about 2 mm, and civil construction for more than 6 mm in diameter used in the steel strength of very different, but close to the lower steel wire aluminum foil (or polystyrene board), pouring in above it in the semi-concrete and steel mesh combined with state of the ground can not improve the load-bearing capacity, Ruoyin steel wire and use low-density polystyrene board contrary, it will create the future of the hidden surface cracking, and steel wire and stainless steel elbow for floor heating close contact with sharp changes in temperature will cause direct damage to stainless fittings. Therefore, to enhance the ground floor load-bearing capacity and prevent cracks, the steel wire shop has a fixed stainless steel tee in the above is a more reasonable approach.

Most companies use plastic cards to warm screws stainless fittings. Plastic fasteners are divided into a pair of back teeth, two pairs of back teeth, three pairs of inverted tooth and nail with use of several. Two pairs of nailing down the use of plastic cards teeth most obvious advantage, its inverted tooth design of the mechanical point of view is most reasonable, the strongest upside down, so warm and professional manner at home and abroad in a large number of construction units, two pairs of back teeth with plastic fasteners. A pair of back teeth tooth and three pairs of plastic cards nail down because of resistance to pulling force and pulling off small construction unit has basically been eliminated. Use the card with nail nails are used in insulation foam cement floor heating project.

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