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Stainless Fittings Hard To Processing

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Often hear this question: why stainless fittings hard to process? In fact, the reasons are as follow:

1:stainless steel elbow faster processing tool wear hardness result, it is difficult to chip removal.

2: sanitary pipe fittings low thermal conductivity caused by cutting off edge of the plastic deformation and tool wear faster.

3: sanitary pipe fittings BUE easily lead to small Seamless Steel Pipe Fen Xie Hui stay in the cutting edge on the pin, and cause bad surfaces.

4: stainless steel tee tools and materials to be processed relationship between the chemical processing of materials to be caused by work-hardening and low thermal conductivity, not only likely to cause unusual wear and tear, but also tool chipping and abnormal rupture.

Over existing solutions to processing problems as follows:

A: Use a high thermal conductivity of sanitary pipe fittings tools,

B: cutting edge sharp edges: chip-breaker edge with a wide, can reduce the cutting pressure, so Chip could be controlled.

C: the best cutting conditions:sanitary pipe fittings improper processing conditions will reduce tool life.

D: Select the appropriate tool: sanitary pipe fittings knives led tube should have very good toughness, cutting edge combination of strength and power coated membrane also higher.
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