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Sanitary Pipe Fittings From Hongbo

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PE-RT is the abbreviation of heat-enhanced polyethylene. Is non-toxic, tasteless ecology, environment-friendly thermoplastic material. PE-RT material resin by the copolymerization of ethylene and octene. Its unique molecular structure of branched-chain distribution to have excellent crack resistance, high temperature resistance and hydrostatic strength.
PE-RT material inherited polyethylene (PE) excellent creep resistance and low temperature brittle fracture performance and abandoned the high ordinary polyethylene can not afford the defects in the polyethylene family in another hot and cold water applications breakthrough.
This is the best in the world PERT material than the previous PERT, PERT 1 or type (such as DOWLEX * 2344), in the long term hydrostatic resistance has significantly increased. Different manufacturers of PERT, and even the same manufacturer PERT performance of different brands are very different.
GF PE-RT plastic pipe system features
10Bar/70 ℃ continued safe use of low temperature resistance (-40 ℃)
Design life of 50 years;
Does not scale, not the breeding of bacteria, not water pollution;
With stress relaxation properties, swelling power is small;
Low thermal conductivity, good insulation properties;
Good flexibility, good resistance to water hammer capacity, construction facilities;
Wall smooth, good water flow characteristics;
Hot melt welding fast, reliable, flexible and multi-connection;
The key supporting sanitary pipe fittings, good system cost-effective;
Corrosion resistance; corrosion resistance;
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