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Size Of The Stainless Fittings

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Size of the head are stainless fittings of a product, the size of the production and stamping the first bend sanitary pipe fittings such as the production process is similar to life in the status of industrial production can not be underestimated. Size of the first production use by the majority of users agree and favor. Now we come to understand the size of the head of a number of distinctive features.
After welding, hardening of the size of the first large, easy to crack. Size of the first production process is simple, high efficiency, low cost, rapid development. Size of the first production of major raw materials in the size of the head and a large proportion of production costs, its direct impact on price changes in the size of the first changes in production costs. If using the same type of stainless steel pressing elbow welding, must be over 300 ℃ 700 ℃ preheating and post weld annealing treatment around. If the welds can not weld heat treatment, the size of the first electrode should be used. Size of the first Longitudinal strength generally higher than that, can use a narrow bend large diameter billet production, but also the width of the blank with the same production of different pipe diameters. I will bring you more information about the size of the stainless fittings.
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