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Characteristics Of Sanitary Pipe Fittings

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Iron and steel (stainless steel) plant to produce its own high-quality environmentally-friendly sanitary pipe fittings, stainless fittings following detailed description of:

In fact, many world-famous high-rise features a stainless steel water supply stainless fittings line. , with 304 sanitary pipe fittings and high pressure Victaulic Road to 421 meters of the building water supply; built in 2004, the Taipei Financial Center, 508 meters high, will be the world's highest construction, the water supply pipeline, including main channel is 318 meters in diameter sanitary pipe fittings Road and Victaulic stainless steel tee.

304 stainless fittings steel tensile strength is 2 times that of copper tube 3 to 4 times, plastic pipe 8 to 10 times. Strength of the material determines whether the strong water crashworthiness, safety and reliability. The safe and reliable water in construction to the most important requirements. In the case of being blunt, stainless steel elbow leakage is very unlikely, while the copper and plastic pipes relatively high leakage rate, pipeline construction or re-decoration easily damaged. Several major cities in the domestic residence on the main complaint is the plastic water pipe leak, a major cause of leaks in plastic pipes stand up to physical shock.

High-rise water supply system working pressure is generally higher than 0.6Mpa; require a higher pressure on the pipe. Plastic pipe used in water system pressure are smaller than this value can not be competent; composite pipe expansion coefficient difference between the two materials large, such as bonding is not strong or easy to produce large temperature separation; thin brass pressure up to 5.9Mpa; and thin-walled sanitary pipe fittings as excellent mechanical properties, can withstand high water pressure up to 10Mpa above, particularly suitable for high-rise water supply.

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