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How To Improve The Quality Of The Sanitary Pipe Fittings

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The quality of continuous casting control means perfect, has become a necessary means to improve product quality. Quality billet sanitary pipe fittings advantage embodied in addition to head and tail section of the outer surface of billet grinding rate is not more than 70% has been achieved, the overall recovery rate of appearance of grinding up 9915% to achieve this goal it is necessary for refining molten steel for achieve a lower oxygen and sulfur content, do a good job great package and tundish metallurgy, precision control of molten steel temperature, oxidation-free casting, to further reduce the amount of inclusions.

Under this condition be based on different kinds of mold steel vibration technology to match with the flux, so that slab surface depth of oscillation mark to 200 μ m, thus achieving the basic surface of stainless fittings are not grinding slab rolling target. Not only increased by 10% finished product rate, energy efficiency and reduce the production cycle not only improved the recovery rate of molten steel, sanitary pipe fittings using continuous casting. To improve the overall rate of finished products, and compatible with the refining, significantly increased production efficiency, but also omit the breakdown process, saving a lot of energy.

stainless steel tee casting and refining furnaces are generally complementary, and the chemical composition and temperature of molten steel, there are strict requirements; to prevent the secondary oxidation of molten steel, continuous casting process of casting calls for no oxidation protection; on the ladle, tundish, sliding nozzle, SEN and other refractory demanding; To ensure the appearance of strand quality, choose the appropriate maintenance of slag; continuous casting process due to the vibration of the continuous casting mold formed on the surface of oscillation marks to be controlled; iron ferritic sanitary pipe fittings casting must be used EMS. After argon station fine-tune the temperature of molten steel to a large package of suspension turret waiting for casting. After the liquid steel cast on one,

stainless steel elbow and carbon steel with the same generally vertical, vertical curved or curved continuous casting machine. The refined molten steel into the ladle. After turret will be pouring ladle to the tundish injection port at the top, and then injected into molten steel through a long nozzle to the tundish. Tundish molten steel through the submerged nozzle into the mold and condensation forming and continuous downward. Solidification of the slab surface after the second paragraph to rapid cooling to the cold heart into a solid billet after the cut-flame cutting, thus completing the entire casting process.

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